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11/12/13 9:44 AM 


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Monday, 08 Nov 2010 


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News From Our Local Churches - October 

United Church UCC Huntsville Celebrates its 50th Anniversary 

On October 2-3 United Church UCC Huntsville gathered with pastors, families and 
friends from across the 50 years of its history to celebrate being the first church 
established by the United Church of Christ in the Southeast Conference. Until 
1960 all the churches in this region had been congregations built by our 

predecessor denominations. United Church drew support from the mission 
societies of both the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational 
Christian Churches. Present for the celebration were all the living pastors who 
have served United Church, including Allen Hollis, Jim Norris, and their first 
pastor, Jim Humphreys. Born in the challenging civil rights era, the early pastors 
of United Church spoke up for and witnessed to racial equality. They hosted the 
first integrated choir gathered in Huntsville. At first they worshipped in a farm 
house, and in the 1990's moved into their newly built sanctuary. 


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Church of Christ 

Unified Governance receives 
approval of UCC boards. 
Executive Council 
Following a year of deliberation, 
including discernment and 
dialog from congregations. 
Conferences and interest 
groups, a "Proposal for Unified 
Governance of the National 
Setting of the United Church of 
Christ" was delivered by the 
Unified Governance (UGov) 
Working Group and has 
received approval to proceed 
from the UCC's Executive 
Council and the boards of the 
four Covenanted Ministries. 

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The program on Saturday night included stories from each decade of the church's 

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Leader Link Local Church News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:44 AM 

" / ■ 

I W I I W I I Nm' 

1 lUIIWI iy> 

the congregation to face the coming years with vision and hope. A copy of his 
sermon is available by contacting Tim DownsTim Downs . Conference Minister 
Tim Downs noted in his comments that the United Church has, throughout its 
history provided leadership in many settings of the United Church of Christ, from 
the association and conference to the national church. 

Praxis United Church of Christ l-lolds first Worship Service 

Led by their pastor Chris Lyman Waldron, Praxis United Church of Christ, one of 
the newest churches in the Southeast Conference held its first worship service at 
St. John's Lutheran Church in Atlanta. The church, a ministry of the Southeast 
Conference has been in development for almost a year. 
Chris and Leah Lyhman- 

Waldron moved to Atlanta 
one year ago with the dream 
of starting a new progressive 
UCC church called Praxis 
UCC. According to Chris, 
"Praxis is a Greek word 
meaning "practice". It refers 
to the way that 
we integrate our spirit and 
faith into daily life so that our 
actions rise out of our 
relationship with God, and our 

spirit is nurtured by the way we act in the world around us." They hosted their first 
worship service the first of October and had over 40 people in attendance. 

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"The Praxis service was in a word 'Amazing' \n\{\\ a jazz band leading the music, 
Chris delivering an exceptional message and people given the chance to respond 
in a talkback time during worship," as stated by Rev. Cameron 
Trimble. The Southeast Conference once again is birthing a new thing. 

Peace Congregational UCC, Clemson, SC, Celebrates Coming Out Day 

Peace Congregational UCC, led by Susie Smith, celebrated Coming out Day in 
October, and invites all to view the video of the occasion on Susie Smith's 
Facebook page. 

Nashville UCC Churches Gather for Upper Room Fellowship 

On October 16th the members of the UCC churches in Nashville, Brookmeade 
Congregational UCC, First UCC, Holy Trinity community UCC, and Howard 
Congregational UCC gather for their Upper Room Fellowship for a potluck 
fellowship at Howard Congregational UCC followed by a concert at the country 

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Leader Link Local Church News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:44 AM 

iviuoiv^ I idii \ji I ai 1 i«^ciLui II 1^ v^ciov^i i ai i\j L^v^iviai i i i«^ v^ppv^i i \vy<_«i 1 1 i v^iiv^vvoi up 

has in recent years become a tradition of the UCC church in Nashville to foster 
fellowship and spiritual renewal. 

The Bryan College 
Chamber Singers | 
Memorial Concert 

The Bryan College 
Chamber Singers will 
perform at Fairfield 

Glade Community 

Church in Fairfield Glade, TN. The Memorial Concert is held every year to honor 
members of the congregation who have died since the last concert. All are 
Welcome! » Link for More Informationwill perform at Fairfield Glade Community 
Church in Fairfield Glade, TN. The Memorial Concert is held every year to honor 
members of the congregation who have died since the last concert. All are 
Welcome! » Link for More Information 

Congratulations to Our Churches Honored for their Generosity to the 
Neighbors in Need Offering 

We received a notice from the United Church of Christ congratulating us on the 
generosity of a number of our churches to the annual Neighbors in Need special 
offering. Those churches were Deer Lodge Congregational UCC, Deer Lodge, 
TN, Holy Trinity Community UCC, Nashville, Midway Congregational UCC, 
Midway GA., Lanett Congregational Christian Church, Lanett AL, Trinity 
Congregational UCC, Athens, AL, Pleasant Hill Community UCC, TN, Central 
Congregational UCC, Atlanta, and Circular congregational UCC, Charleston. 
Thank you for remembering those among us with the greatest need! 

Congratulations to First 
- ^1 Congregational UCC, Talladega 

First Congregational UCC in 
Talladega received word that their 
historic meeting house has been 
accepted to be placed on the 
Alabama Register of Landmarks and 

United Congregational Christian 
Church UCC, Columbus Leaves 
Building to Historic Columbus 

Following a couple of years of conversation, the United Congregational Christian 
Church UCC, of Columbus has finalized arrangements to leave its building to the 
Historic Columbus foundation, which will renovate the facility and locate it offices 
in it. A part of the Elderite Christian Movement which swept the Chattahoochee 
Valley, the United Church had a long and faithful history of witness. Minister 
James Johnson worked with the East Alabama-West Georgia Association and the 
Southeast Conference to affect this transfer of property. Conference Minister Tim 
Downs noted "this is a way for the legacy of this congregation to continue serving 
its community. This is not a day of mourning as much as a day of celebration that 
a church in its final act, found a way for its generosity to bless the community it 
has served for years. Minister James Johnson has asked that we put out an 
appeal for any articles, notes pictures that people might have so that when the 
building is reopened by the Historic Foundation there might be a display of the 
history of the church. Any such materials can be sent to the Conference office. 

Tougaloo College Gathered for their Founders' Day Celebration 

On Sunday October 17th Conference Minster Tim Downs and Association 

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Leader Link Local Church News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:44 AM 

Conference Minister Kathy Clark were present to represent the United Church of 
Christ at Tougaloo College's, a UCC affiliated college, Founders' Day celebration. 
President Beverly Wade Hogan 
opened the proceedings by 
remembering the tradition that shaped 
the college and its values, the 
American Missionary Association. 
She currently serves as the chair of 
the United Church of Christ Council 
for Theological and Higher 
Education. The international 
renowned Tougaloo College Concert 
choir provided the music, and the 
address to the assembly was offered 
by a Tougaloo graduate, Beverly 

The event highlighted the 
growing global emphasis of the 
college as it introduces language 
classes in Mandarin and Korean 
to prepare its graduates for 
participation in the an 
increasingly globalized world. 
Following the Founders' Day 
Celebration in the historic 
Woodworth Chapel, there was a 
ground breaking ceremony for 
the new student commons 

t 9i 

t A » 1 

First Congregational UCC, 
Atlanta, Hosts Mayor Kasim 

September 19, 2010 

First Congregational UCC 
Atlanta, moved to the final step 
of restoration of their historic 
sanctuary, by hosting Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, at their Homecoming Worship 
Service on September 19th. The theme of the Homecoming was Courage to finish 
our Journey. 

Thank you. Deer Lodge Congregational UCC for your Support of 
Transforming Churches, Transforming Lives! 
A Small Church with a Big Heart! 

Moderator Ginny Nixon brought greetings to Deer Lodge Congregational Church, 
UCC, and a small church that has been serving this rural community on the 

er. Hiiis muiti- 

er. m\i 


jic e i t was a thriy ing coal-mining cer*[ 

family church has 
already paid its 
pledge of $5,000 
to the 


Transforming Lives Campaign. Moderator 
Farrell Kennedy and Pastor Rose 
Hermanot both expressed their support 
for the mission and ministry of the 

Southeast Conference 

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Leader Link Local Church News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:44 AM 

ana ineir appreciaiion ot 
both the award and the 
visit from IVIoderator 
Ginny Nixon. 

Open Table Community 
of Faith, Mobile Celebrates: 
All Creatures . . . sing "Alleluia!" 

The hymn attributed to St. Francis of Assisi was sung with unusual gusto during 
Open Table's Blessing of the Animals service 
on October 4th, the feast day of St. Francis. 
Members and friends of Open Table brought 
cats, dogs, and one vocal hen to celebrate 
God's love and care of all creation. The only 
poultry present, Goldie made her presence 
known on the chorus of our opening hymn. 
"All creatures of our God and King lift up your 
voice and with us sing," began the human 
voices. As if on cue, Goldie joined us on the 
"Alleluia!" Soon the dogs responded, 
antiphonally. Who could keep from laughing after that? The pastor did not tell 
Goldie she was the first chicken the pastor had ever blessed . . . that was not on a 


In our prayer time we thanked God "for the 
affection and trust of our pets, for the deep 
mystery of a whale, for the playfulness of a 
prairie dog, for the beauty of bird song." And 
we asked forgiveness for "despoiling the 
habitats of creatures entrusted to our care." 
As residents of the Gulf Coast, we are 
painfully aware of the broad impact of human 
carelessness — ours and others'. But our 
hearts were gladdened by the animals which 

have brought our homes such joy and love. 

United Church UCC Cookeville Celebrates 

The United Church of Cookeville celebrated its 8th Annual covenant Renewal Day 
at worship. 

Brookmeade Congregational UCC Welcomes Guest Preacher 

Brookmeade hosted Rev. Steven C. Baines, the Assistant Field Director for 
Religious Outreach of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State on 
the 24th both as the preacher at worship and for a forum following worship. The 
church is also hosting U. C. C. Flood Relief Mission team for the rest of the year. 

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